Awesome Dad Stuff: Tonka Trucks


It’s all coming back to me.

This afternoon I took my daughter on a trip to the park. This particular park has a huge sand pit. When I say huge I mean like the size of a football field. It had rained the day before so was kind of icky. I never actually took my daughter out of her stroller. However I did get to take some pictures that reminded me of my childhood.

I think every guy my age grew up with Tonka trucks. The Tonka trucks of my youth were big and metal. They were toys that were meant to be beat upon and still keep rolling. My friends and I spent countless hours out in the back yard playing with three giant yellow Tonka trucks. The trucks stayed in the back yard sand box 24/7. I don’t recall ever bringing them in the house. They with stood snow, rain, and 100 degree days. Sure over time the paint peeled and they rusted, but such was the life of a Tonka truck. Over the years pieces broke off, but the trucks were still great fun.

So today at the park I see these three Tonka trucks and had a flash back to the sand box of my youth. These modern Tonka trucks are plastic. They are still big, and they are still tough. These trucks like the ones in my youth have been left out in the elements, they have been broken. They are still fun though. Kids play with these trucks everyday and have a ball.

Being a father is the most incredible experience I could have ever asked for. I knew that I was going to have a blast raising my daughter. What I did not expect was to relive my childhood. With each new phase of her life I am brought back to my own childhood. I try to see life though her eyes. When I try I go back to that place when I was a child. It brings me such joy to watch my daughter have some of the same experiences that I had.


Kids Have a Lot of Doctors Appointments

This morning my wife and I woke up and I realized kids have a ton of doctors appointments. Today was our daughters 18 month check up.

Check ups always bring a certain amount of anxiety with them. There is always that feeling of “have we been doing everything right?”, “Are we reading the right parenting books?”, and “is she eating enough?”. Well today was one of those great checkups where the doctor told us we were doing everything right for the most part.

We are raising our daughter as a vegetarian. This has been some drama about this with both my parents and with my wife’s parents. It is an even bigger problem for them because our daughter is on the small side. Today the doctor said that despite our daughter being small we are doing great on her diet, she would however add in some more greens to her diet. As every father knows adding more greens to an 18 month olds diet can be rather challenging. We will see how it goes.

The best thing about this doctors visit is that we don’t have another appoint for 6 months.