Husband, Father, Creative

I’m a part time stay at home dad. I know you are asking yourself what the heck does that mean? Well I am a commercial and advertising photographer, and my wife works for an advertising agency. Our daughter goes to “school” a few days a week and I or my wife keep her at home the other few days a week. It works out really well for us, most of the time.

This blog will chronicle my lief as a “part time stay at home dad”. I’m starting this blog because I’m not really friends with many other parents that have this same type of lifestyle. I am grateful for the life style that we are able to live. My wife and I both have flexible jobs that allow us to keep our daughter at home quite a bit.

My daughter Em is 18 months old. I may or may not put photos of her up on here.

This blog will bring some awesome photography to the daddy blogging world (not that you guys are doing a bad job). (not that you guys are doing a bad job). One of the things I plan on doing is posting some product reviews of products that we use and love. The product reviews will feature some awesome photography (most of it is better than what comes on the box for the product).

Anyway thanks for viewing.


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