Cool Dad Stuff: Baseball


Its beginning to look a lot like baseball.

As we march forward into spring I have started to watch preseason baseball. Growing up baseball was my favorite sport. If I was not inside playing my saxophone or piano I was outside with a baseball and a glove. I would play pitch with anyone that could throw the ball.

When I was growing up I lived on a dead end street with just two houses. It just so happened that my best friend lived across the street from me. Him and his little brother also loved baseball. We spent countless hours playing baseball in the street. The three of us would go around and gather up all of the other neighborhood kids for a game.

The games were epic. When I look back on those games I imagine we had 50-60 kids out there playing ball in the street. I’m sure it was really only like 10 of us but we felt like heros. We never had an audience but we had our imaginations. When the pitch came we would swing for the fences or rather the cornfield at the end of the street.

Baseball always brings me back to the dog days of summer in my hometown of Owensboro, Ky. It was a magical time. I can only hope that as my daughter ages that she will get to have similar memories of childhood.


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