Potty Training: Part 1

Potty Training

It is with great trepidation that I announce that we begin potty training. At Em’s 18 month appointment the Doctor said it was time. We picked a seat, we waited, now it is time.

The day after Em’s appointment my wife and I set out to find the perfect potty chair. We looked at internet reviews, we went to the store and “tested” them setting each one on the floor and having Em sit. After much trial and error we came to a consensus on the potty chair. We took our bright new potty chair home and…

We took it out of the box. We sat it in Em’s bathroom and it has sat. We keep the door to the bathroom closed. So the potty chair has never been sat on since it left the store. I guess the reason is simple we have been lazy. We have not really started teaching Em about the potty chair yet. Also there is something kind of scary about moving from changing your kids diaper to them going on their own. We have to loose a little bit of the control that we had on our kids life.

The time is now. I decided earlier today that it has been over a month we have to start the process. One of our friends has trained their kid on how to go to the potty in this time. Yes they have a 19mo old baby boy that goes on the potty chair like a champ.

We have the chair, it is set up, and the time is now. I’m sure I will have plenty of adventures in potty training to share. I do not wish to receive any tips or advice on this process. I do however welcome awesome stories.


One thought on “Potty Training: Part 1

  1. I have no advice or tips. In our on-going experience, we make great strides forward, then greater ones back. If you unlock the secret to this, please do share. Best of luck!

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