Cool Dad Stuff: White’s Boots


Dads have to be cool too. So I am introducing you guys to some of the coolest boots on the market. White’s Semi Dress boots to be specific. There are some seriously questionable dad style options going on. So here is my contribution to making dads a little cooler.

In December of 2009 I came across White’s boots at my favorite clothing store. From the second I first saw them I was in love. Above is a picture of my White’s Semi Dress boots that I purchased in 2009. They have seen daily wear since that time.

These boots are rugged, and they are cool. They are hand made in Washington state by some amazing craftsmen. They use only the highest grades of materials for their boots. They are fully rebuildable boots. These boots will last you a lifetime.

These boots are as comfortable to wear on the job site, in the office, or to kick around on the weekends as they are cool. They come in both the leather sole option pictured above or with a Vibram rubber sole. They do take awhile to break in. After the break in period they are amazing.

They work well with jeans, and also they go great with other casual attire. They have the classic work wear look and feel.

Anyway dads these are some awesome boots that can kick up your personal style.


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